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It was a very long ride… almost 24 hours from Manila. But the ride is well paid off. Everything is fun fun fun and nonstop fun. I could not write more just browse on the photos. hahaha! More posts will be published soon…

At the Bus Terminal, Manila. Our bus was delayed but it was fine. 🙂
This is the daily situation at the Bus Terminal.. even worse every homecoming season like: Lenten, Christmas and New Years and Summer Vacation
From Manila – Catarman via Matnog. Another simpler option is riding a plane instead… It’d only take 2 hours.
At the Matnog Port waiting for the ship bounding to Allen.
At the Matnog Port in the Ship. About an hour or so water travel.
The surroundings of the Matnog Port. Nature Lovers like me would really love the view and will not miss a single shot.
Matnog Port
Matnog Port

Matnog Port
Reading the summer book while on board. But wasn’t able to finish due to in-lined activities during the break.. haha.. I gave it to my sister. Anyway it’s for moms.
The way to Pinipisakan Falls of Samar. Uhmm.. haven’t been into the place but a lot of friends said it’s beautiful there.
Rawis – Palapag via Calumutan. A short cut way. It’s better than staying at the boat for an hour. 😉
The Rice field view on the way to Brgy Calumutan
At Brgy. Kalumutan going Pangpang. A shortcut from Rawis. Taken with Fujitsu Digi Cam.
I look… okaay… excited.. 😀

More posts are coming this week… And do I have to say I had FUN? Oh well it’s not pretty much obvious… 🙂

Happy Summer!


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