See you around

Memory Lane

It is such a weigh in the heart,

Looking to what’s behind.

Memories are running in my mind

Like a movie I’d love to watch over and over.

Everytime I’d glance back,

Tears would flow in my eyes.

Tracks of photos tells me to go back

Instead of moving forward.

I’d stand their for a moment,

Re-think and re-decide.

But I feel like continue walking

Leaving something for my dreams.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy the friendship,

Not that I’m proving to someone else that I can leave them.

It’s that I feel the need of chasing my dreams

Before they do run to chase me.

Indeed it’s not yet good bye

You know that when I waive “see yah round”.

It means I’m gonna miss you,

And will surely be back soon.



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