Cuz it’s summah!

Are you feeling it- the firing sun that burns the earth? Yeah, it’s summer baby! And would you dare for a hot latte under the heat? Up to you but I won’t (although it’s my favorite).

Hot seasons like this, we would crave for colds.  Ice cream- anyone? Ahhh… the ever Filipino favorite: Halo-halo! Hmmm… that just gave me an idea… maybe later. For now, lwt me share you just 2? Or 3 summer cravings.

Crazy Crepe’s ( We discovered this at SM Mall of Asia. We were uber curious with the Ice Cream in a Pancake Cone! 🙂

I forgot how’d they call this. But it’s like a Mango float. My lil sister like it! 🙂
Blueberry Ice Cream Crepe for Mom. She loved it!
Chocolate Almond Ice Cream Crepe with lots’a chocolate chips – of course. I craved for more! =)

Yoh-gurt Froz (

Calorie worry? Forget it! It’s healthy!

Share to us your summer menu and let’s all create the best summer “eat-book” ever! 😀

Whatever you’re eating, ENJOY and be HEALTHY!


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