Meet me in Taal

We were in Batangas last week. Although the initial plan was to just have a picnic in Tagaytay.
But before we hit the grounds of the wonderful place, let me share you something about this Chapel near the park. It looks religiously beautiful plus the roof top of it has the most beautiful view of the Taal lake.

At the entrance
This huge Mama Mary image greets the people and catches attention who ever is the passer by.
This is the Calendar wall. Colorful days with Saints and interesting facts. Located at the second floor of the chapel.
This one is located at the roof top and behind him is the magical view of the Taal Lake.
Inside the chapel's main place. The healing and praying area. A lot of Mama Mary and other Saint's images are in this room.

(More photos below…. )

It was one of the tour guides that we met at the park who invited us over to a place where we can have a closer look of the volcano. And so, it was a zigzag ride down to Rock fort Resort  Batangas. One of the resorts that has a closer view of the whole lake and offers a boat ride to the ever beautiful volcano.

A full view at the resort. Such beauty!
A closer look. The mouth of the volcano. Inside is a lake.
The colorful boats that'd play in your eyes. 🙂

Here are more photos of our wanderlust 🙂 This is just the first part. We had a stop in Enchanted Kingdom on the way home. And I’m thinking too of sharing some fun moments. 🙂   Enjoy the Summer!


*Update: For wanderlusts please visit: For amazing Philippine destinations!

Cause it’s more FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES… It’s Summer everyday! 😉


2 thoughts on “Meet me in Taal

  1. I assumed that your name is Venus. 🙂
    Actually, I’m surprised at the same time happy to know that you’ve advertised my blog in your site. Taal Volcano and Tagaytay are included in my list for my next wanderlust adventures. Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit this within this year. Now, I know whom to ask to regarding these famous travel destinations. 🙂

    Again, thank you, Venus. ❤

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