Bonjour L-Arc-en-ciel (A newbie fan blog) *Updated and honest

So there I was sitting in my private shell (room), listening to Laruku while reading my own blog. I don’t know about you, but I do this every now and then to check some revisions or to take ideas for the next entry. I was reading my first entry to the Music Category: “Bonjour L-Arc-en-ciel (A newbie fan blog) “. And felt sad about it, the whole entry was a lie. At first I thought, “let it be, because what if he found about this?” It took me a week before I finally decided to run through that entry and revise it. I guess, I should be proud of how I met the band and why I love L’Arc~en~ciel!

Let me start with the history…

Back July 2011, I met this guy and had a crush on him. November when I finally hit “Add as a friend” on facebook, and days later “friend request accepted“- Kilig (thrilled)! Since then, I would browse through his profile (a.k.a stalking) everyday! (This is what you do when you can’t say hi in person. :D)

I found in his likes a band’s name I quite recognize the meaning. So I clicked on it and it lead me to a Fan Page. I read through the info and searched for their songs on youtube. I got hooked with the first three videos that I watched to, those were Niji, My Heart Draws a Dream and Caress of Venus.

Since it was most likely drawn by a crushingfest disease, I ignored it and tried to watch and listen to other Japanese bands instead.  But I guess I’m really meant to fall for their music. Because every time I log in to youtube, videos related to them pops out on my screen (this is due to the history of the account I think). But I tried to ignore those videos.

Came March, when I couldn’t help but clicked on to Hyde’s Careless Whisper video. I’m not sure why it invited me in, but I liked his rendition. I hovered to other videos related to the band and watched them. I was then listening to their Seventh Heaven when I finally realize, “Hey! They’re awesome!” I browsed some more until I came across with their Vevo Promotion Kit video. And boom! I was so starstruck and awestruck. The video showcased their wide range of music, versatility and originality which is no wonder why their shining on the center stage for over 20 years and still counting!

I started to research them: I found a wiki article, read  through fan blogs, reviews and news.  And I was really amazed of it. I was like, “Jeez! You’re not liking the band because your crush likes it. You’re liking them because they’re worthy and they’re awesome!” And finally I hit favorite to each and every video on youtube, followed them on twitter, liked their facebook page and read every blog related to them.

Why I lied on the first entry? I was thinking that since my blog is connected to my twitter and facebook, maybe give it a lie because it’s a shame if he found about it… and even worse scare him away! But now I even have the guts to share this to him – kidding! 😀

Let me explain: I posted the video after realizing it. But I need to sort of lie a bit. Because I had a feeling of it’s going to interest him. And yes! He liked it and even left a comment! Jeez! Of course I already know he’s a fan and Hyde came from a Japanese band when I shared this. 😀

Before I tried to convince my self “Not to like them because my crush likes them“, but now, “Stay away from Hyde’s Photos!“… “Stop starring at Yuki’s Muscles!“… “Help yourself from giggling over Tetsuya’s solo’s“… and “Please! Stop smiling to Ken’s classic humor!

It’s been three months now since I became unconditionally a fan of L’Arc~en~ciel – and I’m lovin’ it! I’ve never been into a crazy and hyper fandom before. I’ve never felt my fangirl illness attacked since 2008, until I met this whole Cieler thingy. Also it feels amazing to met people with interesting interests to Music, Anime and Et cetera’s . I thought I would never like other Japanese band other than Round Table ft Nino, but now hey! I’m a L’Arc baby and soon will be a certified Cieler! Thanks dear crush! 😀


Among all the blogs that I’ve read while researching more about the band, NovRoz’s blog cought my attention. She’s awesome too like her favorite band! 😉

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Popped – Carol Higgins Clark



Produce a secret reality show setting up two aspiring and good producers into a great competition. Set it in the city of lights and sins with a private investigator accidentally on set and everything will be a mysterious ride.

I couldn’t say or write more about this book. It’s just amazing! A bit of drama, fun mystery, a touch of little romance, and a comedy all rolled into one novel.

All the best to Carol and her characters!

I wonder how the Regan Reilly Hawaiian mystery went through.



My childhood dream is “to inspire the world by writing”. I’m trying all my best to develop my hobby into a skill. And next thing you know, I’d be enrolled in a special writing course. 😀  But isn’t it easier to just take photos that interests your eyes? Of course it is! Because a single shot already portraits thousand of words.

More photos are coming. Just tuned in.  😉